Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Oregon Representative Earl Blumenauer On Gun Violence

Oregon Representative Earl Blumenauer responded to the Umpqua Community College with a floor speech at the nation's capitol, shaming his fellow lawmakers for accepting the status quo on our nation's gun violence record and making a call to action for us to institute changes like other, comparable nations have done.

I would quote some of his speech, but every sentence was significant and equal to such a point that I couldn't choose.  Please listen to the whole speech, which isn't long.

Video of his speech, via C-SPAN:

Thank you, Representative Blumenauer, for your wise words.  Let us hope that your colleagues listen to your advice and we create a new trajectory for our society away from gun violence.

ADDENDUM: Rep. Blumenauer has a comprehensive plan to reduce gun violence, which you can find on his homepage, here: