Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Newtown Shooting: Two Years Later

A message from Ceasefire Oregon:

Two years ago today, twenty first-graders were shot to death at their school in Newtown, Connecticut. Six extraordinarily brave women put their bodies in front of bullets and died attempting to save those little children. Ceasefire Oregon honors those 26 souls and our thoughts and hearts are with their families and the Newtown community.

The Newtown massacre galvanized the nation and changed hearts and minds about the need for responsible gun laws. Make no mistake: that movement is alive and very active today. 

People like you are speaking up and taking a stand. Some of you are calling your legislators, some of you are becoming activists, and some of you are talking to your neighbors about the common sense steps we can take to reduce gun violence. Simple steps like:
  • requiring background checks for all guns sales,
  • banning gun magazines that hold enough bullets to kill an entire classroom of children, and
  • holding gun owners responsible if they carelessly allow others to access their weapons.
The massacre at Newtown is permanently seared into our national psyche but we aren't sitting still. We are speaking up and helping the Newtown families fight for legislative changes so other people won't have to suffer what they have suffered.

It's a tough fight. The opposition might try to harass and intimidate us but we are Newtown Tough and we will fight for our children, our streets, and a responsible way of life. Personally, I can't think of a better way to honor the heroic women who died at Newtown.

Speak up. Take a stand. Join us.

Newtown, you are always in our hearts.