Saturday, October 29, 2011

Anonymous Comments Will No Longer Be Allowed


My last blog post was about bullies in the gun lobby and how their followers have taken up the same tactics.  Sadly, this is something I see almost every day in the comments that come through.  It's a sad side-effect that people who promote non-violence, like myself, have to deal with on a regular basis.  It's not really surprising, I guess.  You can't expect people to be peaceful and civil if they spend so much of their mental energy and time preparing to kill people (self-defense included).

Many of you on the pro-gun side who visit here say you value debate on issues, and yet so many of you post foul and threatening messages, especially as "anonymous".  It's cowardly.  Folks on the pro-control side don't post such horrible comments.  Consider this small sampling, all posted as "anonymous" at New Trajectory.  The top one came in this morning:

"No possession of mine is worth the value of a human life, including scum-sucking dope-head career criminals."

Glad to hear that. There are many local people who already know who you are and where you live.

You wouldn't mind if they showed up and took all your shit, right?

Do you have any cute daughters?
Should'nt be too hard tracking you down. I have some topics to discuss with you.

See you soon.

Knock knock
Hey Fag-boy...

Do your children know what a faggot you are? Do they know you drink man-juice?

Do your kids know you butt-fuck corpses?

Take it all in stride fag-bot. CFO is not a legitimate threat. CFO is just you in your mom's basement jacking off into her underwear.

You sick little fuck is simply a source of entertainment for us, and deep down, you know it.

But if walking around town inside a cardboard box makes you feel better about yourself, knock yourself out fag-boy.

Good thing you live in Oregon Baldi or we would have to beat you into submission, so you could be taught that our rights are not to be infringed.

Hey Baldr, should I refer to you as a fat fucking dick-head or a fat fucking douche-bag cunt???

I had allowed anonymous comments for those who did not have profiles that fit the options.  But, clearly, those who would abuse that option have overwhelmed those who would not.  So, from this point forward, no anonymous comments will be allowed.  If you can't man-up enough to put your ID on a comment, then it isn't worth posting anyway.


  1. Good for you. My blog has been better since I stopped anonymous comments. Theses are sick and twisted minds. They have said as much or worse on my blog. And even about my now dead sister who was shot to death. Who are these people? Do they have families? Do they have jobs? How old are they? Do they have daughters? Are they ashamed? Even worse- theses folks carry guns. Scary.

    And these are the same folks who intimidate our elected leaders. They also threaten them. If they can't get what they want based on the merits of their case, they bully and intimidate. That's all they've got. Gun control bloggers are challenging their beliefs and they don't like us. Do we get on their blogs and act like teen- aged bullies? Sad. Stay strong. We are making our words known to many who agree with us. Be safe.

  2. I can't speak for all gun owners, but I do know that the ones I have met have been, on the whole, friendly and reasonable. In any group, there are bad people, but surely you can recognize that demonizing every gun owner by the acts of a few is no better than any other stereotyping of any group? The Internet brings out many unfortunate tendencies, but my answer is the same as others have made: The solution to bad speech is more speech. You keep defending your position.

    With that in mind, both you and japete are welcome to comment on my weblog. There are many articles on a variety of topics, including firearms.

  3. I enjoyed reading that assortment of comments. I've had plenty myself.

    I don't think those guys are representative of the majority of gun owners, but they're certainly not a tiny minority either. Many gun owners are bullies who don't have the intellectual wherewithal to express their ideas any better than that.

    What I do think is a very rare type is the one who is a genuine danger. Most of the foul-mouth guys are all talk.

  4. Mike, I agree that most gun owners are not so foul. Most are honest, normal people who wouldn't think of being so moronic. It's sad, though, that so many extremists are representing them online. Moderate gun owners need to represent or they will lose out.

  5. Baldr, I have to agree with your decision. A couple of co-bloggers at MikeB's have made the suggestion that we block anonymous comments as well. We also have some other reasons in that anonymous commenters are hard to tell apart.

  6. I oppose your view 100%. I regret that some of my fellow gun owners make a mockery of those of us with rational oratory skills. Sorry about that. Insulting you and your point of view won't change your mind.