Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I'm A Great Uncle -- for the Fifth Time!

I’m happy to report that one of my nieces has just given birth to a healthy 8 ½ pound baby girl, named Addison.  Both are doing well after a C-section.

This makes me a great uncle for the fifth time!  This is my niece’s third child, and her brother fathered his second back in February.   I’m currently at her home in Washington state watching her other kids, and my own, while she’s recovering.  Her mom, my sister, will be relieving me in a couple days.  It’ll be great to see my sister again.

Makes me feel a bit old.  By the time I was born, all my great uncles and great aunts were in their 60’s to 70’s.  But then my niece and nephew wasted no time in starting families.

With all the sadness that marks the topic of this blog, I’m always happy to celebrate the wonderful news of new life joining us.  Happy birthday, Addison!  Let’s hope for a more peaceful future for you, free from gun violence.