Saturday, July 13, 2013

Trayvon Doesn't Get Justice

George Zimmerman was found not guilty today of any wrongdoing, proving, beyond a shadow of doubt, that it is perfectly legal in Florida for someone to stalk an unarmed, black boy through a neighborhood at night, confront him, and shoot him dead, and be able to claim self-defense.

The fact that he stalked the boy through his neighborhood, against 911 advice, without so much as identifying himself, was never in question.  The fact that Zimmerman confronted the boy and fought with him was never in question.  The fact that he shot and killed that unarmed boy was never in question.  The only real question was how lenient Florida law was for this to happen and get away with it.  Once again, the "Gunshine State" came through for the shooter.

Zimmerman is free, once more, to carry as many loaded guns as he wishes, anywhere it's legal to do so, and jump to whatever conclusions he wishes about the people he considers suspicious.  And so is anyone else, for that matter, who can then use this case as a precedent.  Mothers, don't let your kids walk alone at night in Florida.

Zimmerman will now have to live with what he's done.  Just like O.J. Simpson, he'll forever be considered guilty by the public.  He will forevermore be known as a killer of an unarmed child.  He'll forever be looking over his shoulder, wondering just how angry those people are.  I wouldn't be surprised if he leaves the country to find relief.  But, as Confucius said, "No matter where you go, there you are."  He'll never escape himself.