Thursday, July 11, 2013

50 Damning Questions That George Zimmerman Never Answered

One drizzly night in March, 2012, George Zimmerman, the self-appointed "neighborhood watch"
guy, stalked an unarmed 17-year old Trayvon Martin through an apartment complex against the advice of a 911 operator, confronted the boy, and shot him to death after a tussle.  

If the gun guys who so ardently support Zimmerman were to have been in Trayvon's shoes that night, I wonder how they would have reacted to being chased through the apartments?  I can imagine it would be a lot like this.

The court case finally came, and today the case will go to jury.

We'll see how it ends.  If justice is served, Zimmerman will go to prison for life for his murderous deed.  I have changed my Facebook profile in memory of Trayvon, for this occasion (click image to the left to save it to your profile image, too).

Suggested FB profile pic
If Zimmerman truly considered himself a "neighborhood watch captain", then why did he break most of the instructions given by the Office of the Sheriff of Charlotte County to every Neighborhood Watch Captain (see image, below).  Instructions broken by Zimmerman: "patrol unarmed", "patrol with a partner", "affix magnetic car sign to vehicle", "if walking wear a reflective vest to identify yourself", "avoid verbal or physical encounters", "unnecessary heroics are out of place".

Zimmerman chose not to go on the witness stand.  I don't blame him.  There are some very important questions that he would like to avoid answering.  In fact, John M. Philips had 50 such questions that he would ask of Zimmerman.  Phillips is the family attorney for Jordan Davis' family (the unarmed teen who was murdered just nine months after Trayvon Martin).

I urge you to read all 50 of the questions.  But THIS article summarized ten of the most important:

1. Why get out of the vehicle? 
Instructions for Charlotte County Neighborhood Watch
2. Why not roll down the window and actually talk to Trayvon, say, “hey man, what’s up? You okay? I am neighborhood watch?" 
3. Why didn’t George follow the police operator’s instructions to not follow Trayvon? 
4. How did George, as the neighborhood watch captain, who had made 40-plus prior reports, who was right near his best friend’s house who had gone door-to-door and knew that area, claim to not know that area that night? 
5. How did Trayvon jump him at the T but every piece of evidence and witness testimony is dozens of yards from there, including the phone that fell to the ground when the initial confrontation happened. 
6. How did Trayvon come out of bushes when there were no bushes? 
7. How did George lose a fight to a kid he outweighed, when George paid over $100 per month for MMA classes for a year before this fight (which was subsequently named as the “George Zimmerman Training Program”) and he was the aggressor coming towards Trayvon? 
8. Why did you tell the detective you spread out Trayvon’s hands, yet his body was found with them on the interior of his body? 
9. You have been portrayed as a docile guy who couldn’t fight, but didn’t you attack a cop? Weren’t you arrested for fighting? Didn’t your ex get a restraining order for stalking and allege verbal and physical abuse?  
10. Why did he need to load an extra bullet in the chamber to go to Target?

I'll be watching, Florida.  Will the "Gunshine State" live up to its name as a home for pro-gun "stand your ground" extremism?  Or will Zimmerman be held accountable for the murder of Trayvon?