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Police Chief Mark Kessler -- A Dangerous Embarrassment To The State Of Pennsylvania

(warning: this post contains explicit language)
Mark Kessler, flipping off "libtards"

(UPDATED -- see below)

ALSO: A more updated post can be found HERE.

Earlier this week, pro-gun extremist Mark Kessler, the only police officer (i.e. "police chief") of Gilberton, Pennsylvania, embarrassed his town and state by posting a YouTube video wherein he hung a picture of an evil, bloody clown with an axe and stated,

Here we have Nancy Pelosi with her gavel, when she was speaker of the House, okay?  And this is what most of our congressmen and -women and senators look like without their plastic surgery and makeup.  I just wanted to point that out to you. 
Then, after saying that "crazy Nancy" has "forgot to take her meds today" and is "going bonkers, coming at you with her gavel," he proceeds to shoot "Nancy's" torso and face many, many times, because she is "wacked out" and "libtard crazy." 
"Shoot her in the face.  She will get the message!"
In another YouTube video, Kessler calls Secretary of State John Kerry a "piece of shit traitor" and calls the U.N. delegates "cocksuckers."  Then, repeating the wacko pro-gun conspiracy theory that the U.N. Small Arms Treaty is intended to disarm all Americans, he shouts "Come and take it, motherfuckers!" and fires a full-auto assault rifle.

In a third video, he says "fuck you libtards out there" while flipping off the audience, and makes a point of showing the back of his shirt, which reads "Liberals take it in the ass!"

Wow.  Advocating violence against our politicians?  Naturally, this is conduct unbecoming of a police chief, and many people complained.  So many, in fact, that a borough hall meeting was cancelled, after 3000 people complaining in just the space of two hours!  One of those who expressed outrage was former Scranton police chief and current director of the police academy, Dan Duffy, who said
(correction..  see update 7/28, below)
"This is exactly what a law enforcement officer should not be doing out there publicly, especially identifying himself as a law enforcement officer. It`s an embarrassment to us."  
He goes on to say that Kessler's behavior is "out of line" and will undoubtedly injure his ability to testify in court.

Yet, despite all this, the mayor of Gilberton said she wouldn't fire Kessler, saying that he wasn't in uniform during the videos and that he had a right to express free speech.

Emboldened, Kessler made another video, wherein he starts by making a mock apology, then yells,

Yeah, I don't think so!  This boy don't roll that way.  For all you people out there that cried and cried about how I used profanity, Fuuuuck you!  Here's what I've got to say.  If you didn't get enough the first time around, go fuck yourself and get some more!

He then fires off three different fully-automatic assault weapons with high-capacity ammo drums, stating between each series of shots, "You bunch of fucking cocksuckers!" and "You fucking libtards out there -- you fucking crybabies -- grow some fucking balls and man the fuck up!  Alright?  You're a fucking bunch of pussies!"

Yikes!  I feel sorry for anyone in Gilberton who doesn't share this "police chief's" extremist views.  He clearly isn't interested in protecting you, and might very well attack you.  And yet, he is still allowed to keep his job.

But here's the real clencher!  This isn't the first time that Mark Kessler has made an ass of himself and his town and created a scandal.  He's done so many times:

--> Illegal militia activity: For many years, Kessler has been active and recruiting for a paramilitary militia, which he calls the Constitution Security Force.  In fact, he runs a website which has this recruitment as its main goal, full of CAPITAL LETTERS and exclamation marks.  At one point he writes there,
"I will stand with freedom before I side with tyrannical thugs!   Now to every law enforcement personnel standing on BOZOS STAGE  siding with TYRANNY condemning firearm owners I have a message just for you! (YOU DISGUST ME!) To all true OATH KEEPERS, I commend you for your courage by standing with freedom and the oath you taken."
Yet, it is illegal to form paramilitary militias in Pennsylvania!  Despite this illegal activity, not to mention the illegal behavior of militia groups around the country, Kessler is allowed to keep his job.

--> Profanity and open disrespect for authority:  On July 18, on another YouTube video interview, wherein the host says the current U.S. administration is "satanic", Kessler calls President Obama a "sack of garbage," a "sonabitch," a "cockroach", and a "piece of shit."  He repeats the wacko pro-gun conspiracy that the U.S. is buying up ammo to use against civilians, calling Secretary of Home Security Janet Napolitano a "lesbian piece of garbage."  Despite disrespecting our President and Secretary of Home Security, Kessler was allowed to keep his job.

--> Stated refusal to carry out oath of office:  Back in January, he said on a YouTube show that he wouldn't be enforcing any gun-related laws that he considered "unconstitutional."  He states, "I will stand with freedom before I stand with the tyrannical fucks."  He then calls federal agents and marshals "thugs" and says "They fucking disgust me!"  Despite publicly stating that he would go against his oath of office to enforce the law of the land, and disrespecting federal agents, he nonetheless was allowed to keep his job.

--> False arrest and strip-search of a borough councilman:  In October, 2011, a borough councilman Robert Wagner reported a complaint about people loudly driving motorcycles in his neighborhood.  After repeated complaints by telephone (in which he used foul language, but no threats), to both the police department and the mayor, Kessler finally responded.  But instead of investigating and stopping the noisemakers, he instead arrested the councilman, transported him to the county prison, processed him, and strip-searched him!  The councilman had committed no crime; Kessler's actions were merely to get back at Wagner for bothering him.  Yet, the mayor defended Kessler's action.  Naturally, the councilman filed suit and won.  Kessler has repeatedly defended his right to free speech in response to the outrage at his statements, yet in this case acted against Wagner's first amendment right.  Despite this public embarrassment of the city and Kessler, Kessler was allowed to keep his job.

--> Involvement in questionable shooting, self injury with own gun, and "loss" of gun:  In September of 2011, Kessler, who was off-duty at the time, got involved in a bar fight.  He pulled his gun.  But instead of shooting a "bad guy with a gun", this extremist instead shot his own hand!  There was no evidence that anyone else involved in the incident had a gun.  And, interestingly, the gun that Kessler used mysteriously disappeared.  How very convenient!  Despite this questionable incident, lack of personal safety with a firearm, and the mysterious disappearance of the firearm in question, which may have even been his issued firearm, Kessler was allowed to keep his job.

The funny thing is, Kessler may not even be accredited as a policeman!  In an email from Lt.
Leon C. Crone, President of the Pennsylvania Police Accreditation Coalition (see email screenpic), Lt. Crone states, "I can say as president of the PA Police Accreditation Coalition, that he and his agency are not members of our body."  Why not?  Could it be because Kessler doesn't meet one of the requirements?  You can see HERE that Gilberton is not included in their list of member agencies.  Shouldn't the city of Gilberton want a police chief who is accredited?  Kessler is a former coal miner.  Could it be true that he isn't even an accredited police officer?? 

Let's summarize, shall we?  Mark Kessler, who apparently isn't accredited as a police officer, has endorsed violence and insurrection against our government and its leaders, used vociferous profanity and violence publicly, has engaged in and recruited for an illegal paramilitary militia, been involved in a scandal wherein he falsely arrested a councilman and had him strip-searched, and was even involved in a bar shooting wherein he shot himself and "lost" his gun, yet is still allowed to keep his job!

The mayor and city of Gilberton, Pennsylvania, should really reconsider who it is that is protecting their hamlet.  If they're concerned about their town's image, or worried about crazy people harming their citizens, they need to look no further than their own police chief to get alarmed and feel threatened.

UPDATE (7/28/13):  The Oath Keepers, the extremist militia group known for insurrectionism, has disavowed any relationship with Kessler.  You know Kessler's extreme when even the Oath Keepers want nothing to do with him!  From an article:
Meanwhile, a group of pro-gun law enforcement and military officials with whom Kessler has aligned himself say they want nothing to do with the chief. “Chief Kessler is not working with Oath Keepers, nor is Oath Keepers working with him,” Elias Alias, who sits on the Oath Keeper’s board of directors, said in an email to Salon. 
Kessler sometimes sports a black Oath Keepers t-shirt and has earned praise from the group’s leaders in the past. His militia-style organization and the Oath Keepers share a similar ideological agenda and have at least some overlapping membership, but Alias made clear that Kessler is not a member of his group.
UPDATE (7/28/13):  DON'T CONTACT THE PA AG's office as they do NOT have jurisdiction over this matter.

You will get this response:
Thank you for contacting the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General. We are aware of the YouTube postings of Police Chief Kessler. Unfortunately the Office of Attorney General does not have primary jurisdiction over this matter. We would strongly suggest that you contact your local District Attorney’s Office - Schuylkill County District Attorney (570) 628-1350. If you are not comfortable with making that call, you can report this matter to the local state police barracks - Troop L – Reading Barracks (610) 378-4011. 
On behalf of Attorney General Kathleen Kane we appreciate concerned citizens such as yourself reporting this type of information. 
Constituent Services
ADDENDUM:  There is now a petition, by the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, urging the Gilberton Borough Council to fire Mark Kessler.  Please sign.

ADDENDUM (7/29/13):  An additional incident involving Mark Kessler was when he shot a dog to death last December.  Upon knocking on a door of a home, and the owner opening the door, a dog in the home allegedly ran out and attacked Kessler, who then shot it to death.  The article states that the shooting seemed to be "on the up and up," but who ever heard of a black Labrador doing such a thing?

UPDATE (7/31/13):  Kessler is facing possible termination, and his city is facing having their insurance dropped by their provider, because of his recent behavior, according to his Facebook page.  See HERE for a write-up of it and Kessler's tantrum and attempts to raise money for himself.

UPDATES (8/1/13):  The borough council met and decided to suspend Kessler for 30 days for using his machine guns in an unauthorized manner for one of his disgusting videos.  A small posse of heavily-armed gun rights extremists showed up outside to rally for him during the hearing.  This isn't the last we'll hear of him, and I'm certain the council will regret not terminating him entirely.

Watch HERE how the gun extremists rudely shout down authorities and spout their paranoia as they rally for Kessler.  Like impertinent children, it's the only way they know how to communicate their views in public.

From another article:
Domalakes asked for public comments, limiting the time to one minute. The first speaker was Peter Kostingo, a borough native who lives in Frackville. 
"I do support the Constitution, the First and Second Amendments, but the only problem with what Chief Kessler did and what his attorney fluffed it up and said it was only about profanity, but if you look at those videos, he (Kessler) threatens Nancy Pelosi, he's wearing a Gilberton chief of police badge, and he should be fired, not a 30-day suspension," Kostingo said. "The attorney put a good spin on it, but he used and abused his position, saying he's the chief." 
Borough resident Mark Keirsey told council that there could be liability issues involving Kessler. 
"I ask the mayor and this council to consider calling on an outside agency, such as Schuylkill County's district attorney's office or the state police, to investigate Mr. Kessler's actions," Keirsey said. "There is his conduct as a police officer and his ability to perform his duties as a law enforcement official with regards to his contractual obligations, not to mention the fact that he poses a major liability to this borough and its residents. God forbid that an unfortunate incident should occur, the borough could be sued and it would be a major liability issue."
A related page, by CeasefirePA:

UPDATE (8/2/13):  And what to the local populace of Gilberton think about Kessler?  Do they feel he's a "Second Amendment hero?" Or do they fear him as an extremist?  Some showed up at the Borough Council meeting and pushed their way through the heavily-armed and angry gun extremists to state their views.  From an article:
"He was way across the line," said Wade Greg Necker, who lives just outside the 700-resident borough. "He's a nut. I do not feel safe with him around at all." 
"He should have been fired," added life-long Gilberton resident Pete Kostingo, addressing the borough council. "He used the position, and he abused the position. 
Another citizen, speaking at the meeting, called for the county district attorney to investigate Kessler and his actions. 
Another, Gregory Grove, said his wife lives in fear of the chief. "She's afraid of him," he told council. "Kessler is a detriment to this borough."
From another article:
One man asked council to have an outside agency investigate Kessler before his behavior leads to a lawsuit against the borough, while another said his wife is afraid of the chief, "and if my wife is afraid, so am I. ... If I'm coming through the borough, I won't stop until I get to Frackville." 
Another man told council he was "embarrassed as a gun owner" by the chief's actions and that Kessler should be fired.
And another:
"You know why there's not more residents here? The threats. That's why. Because they're afraid. They're afraid they're going to have their windows shot out." - Lifelong Gilberton resident Rose McCarthy speaking about Police Chief Mark Kessler and his supporters on July 31, 2013.
UPDATE (8/7/13):  The Gilberton council is putting more heat on Kessler.  According to an article:
Gilberton officials want an inventory of embattled police Chief Mark Kessler's firearms registered in the borough's name. 
And they want Kessler, who was suspended last week over his profane, pro-gun YouTube videos, to scrub the Internet of any reference to his employment as Gilberton's police chief. 
In a letter to Kessler through his lawyer last week, Gilberton Solicitor Karen L. Domalakes said officials have been made aware that Kessler purchased many guns in the name of the borough police department. .... 
"At this time we are requesting an inventory of the weapons currently registered in the name of the Borough of Gilberton Police Department. We also need to know the location of these guns," Domalakes said in the letter dated Thursday. 
The letter notes that at the meeting Wednesday where Gilberton council suspended Kessler without pay for 30 days, it also passed a policy barring borough employees from using their affiliation in any public statement, video or document without council's permission. 
"We are advising that Chief Kessler should remove any reference to his employment with the Borough of Gilberton from his 'YouTube' posts, 'Facebook' posts and other Internet statements," Domalakes said.
UPDATE (8/13/13):  The town of Gilberton continues to be pressured by their insurance company to fire Kessler.  Kessler says he doesn't regret making the videos, despite being suspended or the insurance fiasco, because he feels famous now.  See an article and news interview:
"I don't regret it because I believe I had an impact on a lot of people across the country," Gilberton, Pa. police Chief Mark Kessler told WTXF in an interview that aired Monday. "You wouldn't believe the tens of thousands of emails, and my phone doesn't stop. [The support], it's constant." 
Kessler said he thinks he's likely to lose his job after a 16-year career over pressure from Gilberton's insurers.  
"My mayor had called me and told me that the borough is being pressured from our insurance carrier," he told WTXF. "If I'm not disciplined or terminated, they're going to drop the insurance for the entire borough." 
The suspended police chief was adamant that he is not a "villain," as he said media outlets portray him, but a citizen standing up for gun rights. When pressed by WTXF, Kessler wouldn't rule out allowing mentally ill people or children to possess firearms under the Second Amendment.
UPDATE (10/10/13):  The Gilberton borough council met for termination hearings today.  The little concrete room was filled with Chief Kessler's minions.  Stupidly, one of them dropped a loaded gun!  Luckily it didn't go off, but it certainly underscored the idiocy that typifies his followers.  The termination hearing has now been moved to a location where guns are not allowed.  Maybe they will finally be safer in that gun-free zone!