Monday, January 14, 2013

Lyrics: Weapon Wonderland Song Parody

A parody.  See the original post by Madeleine Begun Kane at her site, along with a link of her singing it, reposted here:

Weapon Wonderland Song Parody  
(to be sung to Winter Wonderland)
by Madeleine Begun Kane 

Gun sales surge. Are you listenin'?
Ammunition keeps glistenin'.
They're arming tonight and causing a fright. U.S. Constitution arms the land.
People die for no reason.
Children shot! 'Tis the season.
A terrible blight, each night after night.
Gun rights absolutists harm our land. 
NRA and cronies claim our homeland
Must allow their arms in every town,
Claiming guns will help us.
We say "No man!
"The murder stats have got to go way down." 
Weapon fans have conspired
Now our nation is mired.
With lives we have paid.
New laws must be made.
Or soon we'll have a gun in every hand.