Friday, January 4, 2013

A Panel Discussion On Gun Control With The ITN Network’s YouTube “Truthloader” Program

Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to take part in an international panel discussion on U.S. gun control topics on ITN’s “Truthloader” YouTube Channel program.

It was a good discussion.  For the most part people didn’t try to talk over each other (except for interruptions from the gun guys).  Good points were made.  And the gun guys did a GREAT job of exposing their paranoia about tyrants and all-out gun bans.  A definite win for common sense legislation.

Watch HERE:

Panel members included:
  • Dan Bell – Moderator
  • Colin Goddard – Brady Campaign Against Gun Violence
  • Baldr Odinson – Ceasefire Oregon and blogger
  • Marcus Wilson – Centre for Armed Violence Reduction and the International Action Network on Small Arms
  • Paul Markel -- Columnist with the Ammoland website and host/producer of the Student of the Gun TV show
  • Dan Abraham -- TheFireArmGuy YouTube channel