Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Leadership for Sandy Hook and for Oregonians

A message from Ceasefire Oregon:

Today we heard from two important political leaders in the fight for better gun laws. President Obama spoke with courage and set the standard for leadership that should serve to inspire all of us in this struggle. The President laid out a solid, reasonable and effective strategy for reforming America's weak gun laws and introduced 23 executive orders to improve gun safety. He cited the Clackamas Town Center shooting as evidence that assault weapons need to be banned and concluded his remarks by saying, "Let's do the right thing."

Please, right now, send President Obama a message of thanks for his courage and leadership.

In Oregon, however, incoming House Speaker Tina Kotek announced that she would not take a leadership role in improving Oregon's gun laws but will "look to the Senate for their leadership."

Speaker Kotek surely knows that this reform movement will be much more difficult without her leadership in the Oregon House.

Please email Speaker Kotek or call her right now at  503-286-0558 and show her that Oregon has a strong coalition of individuals seeking reasonable and responsible gun laws. Ask her to do the right thing.

Thank you.