Sunday, January 24, 2016

If Only They'd Had A Gun To Defend Themselves. Oh, Wait... (gun shop shootout)

The gun lobbies like to push the idea that if only you are armed, you'll be safe from the bad guys.  That they'll be dissuaded from attacking you simply because they know you have a gun, or that it isn't a "gun free zone."  But as I've shown again and again here at New Trajectory blog, the truth is just the opposite, and studies have show it, like THIS ONE which showed that carrying a gun makes you 4.5 times more likely to be shot.

But if the pro-gun mentality is correct, where else would be safer than a gun shop, surrounded by lethal weapons, and definitely not a "gun free zone?"

Such a scenario occurred yesterday in Mississippi. A man in his 50's and his 20-something son entered the McLemore Gun Shop on Highway 43 in Pearl River County to pick up a gun that they had had repaired there.  When the wife of the shop owner, who was at the counter, told them that there was a $25 fee, they got into an argument with pushing and shoving.  The wife called her 40-year old husband, the shop owner, who showed up with his 17-year old son.

It's unclear who shot first, but both sets of people were armed.  From an article:
An argument ensued, which turned physical, the station said, and gunfire followed. 
Chief Deputy Shane Tucker told the Sun Herald that ”one of the customers and one of the owners produced firearms. We don’t know who shot first.” 
The gun shop owner and his son were pronounced dead at the scene; the two customers were airlifted to hospitals with life-threatening injuries, Tucker told the paper. 
The wife of the gun shop owner was not wounded, WLOX reported.
This isn't the first time that a gun shop shootout has been featured here.  See HERE and HERE and HERE for examples.  In fact, it is disturbingly common, and many end up with the shop owner dead.  So much for the "gun free zone" mythology.