Monday, August 3, 2015

If Only He'd Had A Gun To Defend Himself. Oh, Wait.... (Another Gun Shop Owner)

61-year-old Scott Maxie was in the gun shop that he owned in Indianapolis, Indiana, called Muscatatuck Outdoors, when three men entered.  

Despite being surrounded by his lethal weapons, Mr. Maxie was shot to death by the men:

Monday night, Dejaun Worthen, 23; Darion Harris, 20; and Darryl Worthen, 24, were taken into custody at an Indianapolis home. Maj. Jerry Shepherd of the Jennings County Sheriff's Office said all three men are being held without bond in the Jennings County Jail on charges of murder and robbery.
The suspects were arrested in connection to the slaying of 61-year-old Scott Maxie, Shepherd said. Maxie was found shot in the head Sunday night at his gun shop near the Muscatatuck National Wildlife Refuge.
The men then stole 47 guns from the store.  Only four of those guns were recovered.  One of the suspects, Worthen, was a FedEx driver who stopped by the store on his route.

How is this possible?  The NRA has suggested many times that having a loaded gun will protect you from the "bad guys with guns," (remember the ridiculous post-Sandy Hook statement by Wayne LaPierre?).  And yet, time after time (as I have chronicled), this has failed to protect people -- including highly-trained gun owners with guns at the ready.

This isn't the first time a gun shop owner, surrounded by his lethal weapons, was killed by shooters.  HERE is another example.

Just goes to show you that, despite the NRA rhetoric, guns don't make you safer.

[this post is part of an ongoing series of people being shot to death or attacked despite being armed (and sometimes because they are armed)]