Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Message From Ceasefire Oregon Regarding the Boston Marathon Bombings

Dear Friends,

On Monday, we learned of the horrific bombings of the Boston Marathon and the resulting deaths of three innocent people, including a 29 year-old woman and an 8 year-old boy. At least 170 people suffered injuries from that bombing. Our thoughts and hearts are with all of Boston, the runners, and the families of the injured and dead. 

In addition, yesterday, April 16, was the sixth anniversary of the Virginia Tech massacre. We at Ceasefire Oregon have friends who survived that nightmare and friends who lost dear loved ones that day. Our thoughts turn to all of them as well.

Violence rips through our nation in many ways and we need to look for answers. Violence with words, fists, guns, or bombs has a root somewhere. I believe that root has a chance to be thwarted or changed entirely. Right now, because this is the legislative session, many of us are working to reduce violence by strengthening gun laws. The session will end, however, and we will turn to thinking of ways to weed out the roots of violence. We can teach compassion, patience, and tolerance and model those in our own lives. 

What we cannot do is accept terrorism whether it is delivered by bombs or the barrel of a gun. So we continue to work, to write, and to make those calls, all in an effort to weed out the roots of violence.

This week, our thoughts are with Boston as well as our friends at Virginia Tech, Newtown, Clackamas, Thurston, and everywhere someone has experienced violence.

We have a most difficult task at hand but we have the most amazing people working with us.

Together, we will make the difference that counts in the lives of all Americans.

Penny Okamoto
Executive Director
Ceasefire Oregon