Wednesday, December 2, 2015

A Message From Ceasefire Oregon Regarding The San Bernardino Massacre

Ceasefire Oregon and the Ceasefire Oregon Education Foundation are filled with sorrow by the rampage in San Bernardino today. Along with our sorrow, however, is outrage that legislators throughout the United States have allowed mass shootings to become commonplace in our country.

Current reports indicate that fourteen people were shot to death and seventeen people were injured. At this time, if you live in southern California, please do what you can to help the victims and their families. They will need blood donations, someone to help with their children, hot meals to eat, rides to the hospital, loving ears to listen to their cries and strong arms to comfort them.

Wherever you live, help the victims and their families by calling your legislators NOW to demand an end to this national nightmare. Find your legislator here.

We know what to expect: kneejerk requests for thoughts and prayers from impotent legislators who are owned by the gun lobby and dead silence from the National Rifle Association. But let them hear your voice this time. Let them know that you are demanding an end to gun violence and you will hold them accountable at the ballot box and when you stop donating to their campaigns and political parties.

Let’s be honest: if more guns meant less crime, America would be the safest nation on earth.

Tell your legislators that you demand an end to gun violence. Tell them:
  • Stop allowing the gun lobbies like the NRA to dictate our gun laws with their campaign donations.
  • Reinstate the assault weapons ban.
  • Implement much higher standards for gun ownership including firearm training, safe storage and no guns for violent misdemeanants.
  • Hold federally licensed firearms dealers accountable if they sell guns illegally.
  • Find more details at Ceasefire Oregon at

Think it’s too soon to call for change? For the victims who died in San Bernardino, it’s too late. But it's not for the rest of us. Take action now to stop the next mass shooting.