Tuesday, September 15, 2015

If Only He'd Had A Gun To Defend Himself. Oh, Wait... (Home Defender)

31-year old Jeffre Faust was home at night with his mother when he discovered a prowler in his back yard.  Instead of locking his doors and calling 911, he grabbed his loaded rifle and went outside to confront the man.

The prowler was unarmed and said it was his house.  The suspect then grabbed Faust's gun, turned it around, and then the gun was fired (unclear if intentional), wounding Faust in the leg.

From an article and news video:
Faust told deputies that he armed himself with a rifle and went outside after hearing noises and his dogs barking around 3 a.m. Thursday. He confronted a man in his backyard and they struggled over the weapon. 
"He jumped at me and we were fighting over the gun," Faust said. "The gun went off and got me right in the leg." 
The bullet shattered Faust's femur and narrowly missed the femoral artery. 
"He was ranting and raving how this was his house ... what are you doing here?" Faust said. "Then he started walking toward me and I lifted the rifle toward him but there was no way I could pull the trigger."
Then the shot was fired, hitting the victim.  The suspect then fled and hasn't been caught.

So his own gun was used against him.  So much for defending himself.  You don't brandish a gun unless you intend to shoot to kill.  But is simply being in someone's back yard a reason to kill that person?  As the article states at the end:
Faust spent the last four days in the hospital. He said if he had it to do again he would stay inside and call 911.

[this post is part of an ongoing series of people being shot to death or attacked despite being armed (and sometimes because they are armed)]