Thursday, February 28, 2013

Recommendations From Over 20 Of The World's Leading Experts On Gun Violence

Recently there was a summit of over 20 of the world's most widely-published researchers and experts on the issue of gun violence.

Held at the Johns Hopkins University, they analyzed the topic for two days and come up with a list of recommendations for changes to gun regulation, based on data collected over the past two decades and on their professional opinions as researchers.

The list of recommendations included suggestions for:

  • Improving background checks
  • Prohibiting high-risk individuals from purchasing guns
  • Improving mental health reporting and screening of individuals who are too dangerous to possess firearms
  • Combating illegal gun trafficking
  • Personalizing guns to the gun owner and improving gun manufacture safety
  • Banning assault weapons
  • Banning high-capacity ammo magazines greater than 10 rounds
  • and Improving government research in the area of gun violence

Together, these professionals have a combined experience in the field of many hundreds of years of study, looking at the data scientifically and publishing that data in peer-reviewed, respected medical journals.  We should take their recommendations to heart.

See HERE for more details on their recommendations.