Friday, July 20, 2012

Over 30 National, State, and Local Gun Violence Prevention Groups Issue Statement On Colorado Mass Shooting

Below is a statement about the Aurora, Colorado mass shooting, put out by the Violence Policy Center and signed by 30 different gun violence prevention organizations, in solidarity, including Ceasefire Oregon.

Washington, DC--Following today's mass shooting at a Colorado movie theater leaving at least 12 dead and dozens wounded, national, state, and local gun violence prevention organizations (see list at bottom) issued the following joint statement:

“Our deepest sympathies go to all those affected by this terrible tragedy.

"Today's mass shooting is the price paid in death, pain, and suffering by families and communities for an out-of-control, militarized gun industry that prides itself on selling increasingly lethal products to virtually anyone with little concern for the inevitable tragedies that result.  In America today--where virtually anyone with a credit card and a grudge can outfit their own personal army--mass shootings are as predictable as they are tragic.  Just as predictably, those who celebrate this lethal shift--the NRA and its gun industry partners--remain mute when families and communities suffer the consequences.  And when attention fades, they'll once again resume their lethal trade, unless we stand together as Americans to stop them. 

Gun violence is preventable.  It is long past time for policymakers at all levels to act.  Americans have a right to feel safe in their communities--in schools, restaurants, movie theaters, and all public places.  Using the cynical desires of the gun lobby and firearms industry as an excuse for inaction is shameful." 

National Organizations

Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence and its national network of chapters
Coalition to Stop Gun Violence
Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence
States United to Prevent Gun Violence
Violence Policy Center

State and Local Organizations

Arizonans for Gun Safety
Women Against Gun Violence (California)
Ceasefire Maryland
Ceasefire New Jersey (a project of the Coalition for Peace Action)
Colorado Ceasefire
Connecticut Against Gun Violence Education Fund
Georgians for Gun Safety
Gun Violence Prevention Center of Utah
Hawaii Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence
Hoosiers Concerned About Gun Violence
Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence
Maine Citizens Against Handgun Violence
Stop Handgun Violence (Massachusetts)
Northland Brady Chapter (Minnesota)
Million Mom March, Richmond, VA chapter
New Yorkers Against Gun Violence
North Carolinians Against Gun Violence
Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence
Lance Orchid, National Organizing Director, Gun Violence Prevention
ProgressNow Colorado
Protect Minnesota
Maria Roach, New Organizing Institute, Gun Violence Prevention Senior Fellow
Virginia Center for Public Safety
Washington CeaseFire
Wisconsin Anti-Violence Educational Fund

UPDATE (7/21/12): This blog post was featured on the Rachel Maddow Show.  We would like to thank the RMS for their airing of this important statement on this sad and preventable tragedy.  See timestamp 5:40 at this link: