Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Videos on the Second Amendment by Teens

The winners have been announced for the 2012 C-SPAN StudentCam Competition.  In this annual competition, teenagers from around the nation and territories enter self-made videos wherein they explore some aspect of the Constitution.

From the competition's website:
C-SPAN is pleased to announce the 75 winning videos in the 2012 StudentCam competition! Congratulations to each of the winning filmmakers, whose documentaries competed among the record-setting 1,203 films that were received in this year's competition. Over 2,000 students from 43 states, Washington DC, and Puerto Rico competed, and we would like to acknowledge and thank all of the students and faculty advisors that participated. We hope the experience of creating your documentary was rewarding and, that those students eligible, will consider entering once again in the 2013 StudentCam competition. The film makers of the 75 winning documentaries will share in a total of $50,000 in cash prizes
( I couldn't figure out how to embed the videos directly or link the pictures, so you'll have to click on the text links to view them)

Here's one third prize winner in the middle school division:
 Wilson Ekern and Chris Moran
8th Grade
Farragut Middle School
Knoxville, TN
Charter Communications

Here is one honorable mention from the high school division:
Laura Munoz, Tahiez Toro, and Nicole Richardson
12th Grade
Sacred Heart High School
Los Angeles, CA
Time Warner Cable

One of the entries that didn't make the final 75 was one by two Oregonian boys, the Reese brothers, Oliver and Aleczander Reese, from Bend, Oregon. Last year, Oliver had been assaulted by another boy, then that boy had gotten hold of his father's gun and ammunition and made a hit list which included the Reese brothers.  They are in 7th and 10th grades.

I was happy to advise them on their video, and even make a brief appearance.

I applaud these bright boys and girls for their efforts, whether they won or not.  Understanding the Constitution is so important, and the Second Amendment in particular is one which brings out so much passion in Americans.  Clearly it is an amendment which is outdated, too ambiguous in its language, and clearly controversial. 

I look forward to next year's entries.