Monday, March 21, 2011

Paul Helmke On Gun Myths

Back in February, one month after the Tucson shooting, Paul Helmke, head of the Brady Campaign Against Gun Violence, addressed the Women's National Democratic Club.  There he dispelled some common gun myths put forth by the gun lobby.

Myth:  "The Second Amendment Prevents Gun Regulation." 

Myth:  "Leadership on guns leads to political defeat."

Myth:  "Just enforce existing laws."

Myth:  "Gun laws won't make a difference." 

Myth:  "More guns = less crime." 



  1. This stuff makes so much sense. Why do they try to counter it with arguments from John Lott and Gary Kleck?

  2. As an unabashed gun rights advocate, I have to say, I love Paul Helmke.

    The things he says are so delightfully nonsensical that I sometimes wonder if he isn't secretly on our side.